Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is SEO?

Seo, or search engine optimization, is the process of taking a website and tightening up the code, adding strategic keywords and other tricks to help a website rank on the search engines. It is far more than just keyword jamming, and too much can hurt. A good SEO will utilize keywords in such a way as to not alter the content or visual appeal of the site, and yet be able to get the most out of the site without sacrificing functionality, visual appeal, or load time.

Pay-Per-Click is NOT search engine optimization! If an SEO tries to sell you Pay-Per-Click (PPC) then they are only after your money and NOT looking out for your best interests. Yes, there are some cases where PPC is beneficial, but I will not discuss them here. The SEO Brigade offers only Natural SEO, also called Organic SEO. Natural SEO is the process of taking the website and optimizing it so that Google and other search engines picks them up and finds them more relevant than the competing web sites listed on the search engines.

Organic SEO takes time. Unlike Pay-Per-Click, keyword ranking doesn't happen overnight. In fact, keyword ranking might take several months. But unlike PPC, the effects are long lasting. Good natural SEO work can last years, unlike PPC which once turned off, you fall from the rankings.

Whether you consider the SEO Brigade to do your Natural Search Engine Optimization or another respectable company, you NEED to seriously consider Natural SEO or Organic SEO.