Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alleydude Website Design

The Alleydude approach to graphic design is simplicity. Sites with flash and a lot of JavaScript script tend not only perform poorly in the search engines, but also put off the visitors due to slow load times and clunky interface. Graphic design should not only look good, but should allow your visitors to get the information they are looking for with minimal wait time and as few clicks as necessary. The sites that I have designed in the past have performed well in the search engines and look appealing to the eye.

Graphic design is not just an artistic process, but is a marketing process that must not only present the company in an appealing and inviting way, but must also bring the customers to the site in the first place. Flash animations and fancy java scripts do not do this, and in fact work against you. Search engines like text and simple, tight code, which is what I specialize in. My graphic designs and web designs will bring customers to your door and get them to the information or products they are looking for. Whether it's a completely new site, or a basic face lift for your website, I know what you need and have the means to make it happen at a reasonable price.

...and just a side note: The graphics you see on this page and not flash or Java, they are animated .gif files that are alt-able and title-able, making them search engine friendly, and if done correctly require minimal load time.

I am located in Kingsley, Michigan, near Traverse City, MI. If you are looking for someone to do your Graphic Design work in Kingsley, Mi, or you need some web design in Traverse City, Michigan, I would love to take on your project. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kingsley Michigan Web Design. Small town business ethics, small town prices. If you are looking for Michigan Web Design, contact the Alleydude.

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